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SpaceBoi vs. The World

Would you sacrifice your planet in order to find love? This isn’t a question most of us have to answer in our lifetime… However, Spaceboi is not as fortunate as we. In order to reach Spacegirl when their planets’ orbits are at their closest, Spaceboi needs to build a rocket using resources collected from his planet. However, his relentless extraction of resources carries risks, as he could irrevocably harm his planet’s delicate ecosystem.

Spaceboi vs. the World models a simple planet’s ecosystem and climate. The player’s actions (extraction of resources, use of advanced tools, interaction with fauna, etc.) affect the planet’s systems, which feed back to the player as random events, changes in spawn rates, changes in the behavior of  fauna, etc. In other words, the player performs actions which affect the planet, causing the planet to react in ways that affect the player and help or hinder his efforts to reach Spacegirl.

Much of the learning in Spaceboi vs. the World occurs naturally from the player’s interactions with the ecosystem. In order to illustrate our planet’s sensitivity to human industry, the planet in our game is designed to react quickly and noticeably to Spaceboi’s actions. This forces the player to be keenly aware of the planet’s ecological state and subsequently determine whether they can extract more resources. Representative of modern human capitalism, Spaceboi needs to find a balance between industry and conservation so he can reach his goals without irrevocably harming the planet in the process. We hope the player will carry this attitude with them in order to make sober, moderated decisions about their real-life consumption and production.


SpaceBoi-Windows 110 MB
SpaceBoi.app.zip 163 MB

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